China Camera Crew

Hiring China Camera Crew? We are based in Shanghai and have worked with camera crew all across China, whether it’s Shanghai cameraman or Beijing Cameraman, with the constant working relationship over last 6 years, we have met the great talents all over China, feel free to contact us for your next project in China.

We can provide full production support services as well. Feel free to check out our showreel page and see what’s the latest we worked on.

Shooting in Shanghai? We have great Film Crew ready to support your next shoot!

Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Guangzhou, And almost everywhere in China!

After working in China Film Industry, we have worked with the camera crew all over China, whether it’s sending a experienced cameraman from big cities, or hiring the local cameraman for a small set up event, we bring the great value to our clients, save the time, still keep the great results.

Why work with us?

We have done years of actual production in China, the good and bad experience makes us strong! The crew resources we have collected made us easy to work with them, and our producers have international production background.

We are also very good with internet sort of things, whether it’s set up a FTP server or local proxy network, we will make it easy for you, so you can worry about the creative side.

We work with different set up and conditions, sometimes even with the time limit.

Camera Crew with Great Attitude

Our camera crew are very easy to work with, that’s because we are great with the early communications, with years of filming experience, our producers team know what is essential to shoot In China, and every little details we adds up to the final project, will eventually be the the project saver, that’s why we have been working closely for a lot of fortune 500 companies.

We can handle different scale of production, we have different camera crew for different projects.

Feel free to contact us today for the latest quote&showreel!

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